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Why we love it: 

This London native knows his fish, literally. He sources true cod from an Alaska company, working only with boats that use a sustainable hook and line technique and pass on the exact day and time of the catch. 

The details: 

The crew hand-cuts fish and fries daily. Each generous piece is cooked to order in a lager-based batter. After it emerges from the fryer, the fish rests for 30 seconds, so any remaining grease drains. Just before serving, it's hit with a dash of sea salt. You can taste the care that goes into it.

Know this: A side of mushy peas comes with each order. Try 'em before you turn up your nose. They offer a bright counterpoint to the fried fish.

Taste the beer battered bounty


We are prepared to name Seattle’s very best fish and chips: crispy, gossamer secret-local-beer batter forming a just-greasy-enough cloud around a long, lovely, thick, moist, sustainable sourced Pacific cod fillet (finished, smartly, with a sprinkle of sea salt). The fries are fat and tender, and minty mushy peas provide a bright green spot among all the golden-fried wonder. Even the house-made, tartar sauce tastes richer and fresher than the rest. Owner Harvey Wolff is a chef from London; you picture him eating newspaper-wrapped fish and chips after shift there every night, vowing to get his own exactly right.

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“You'll know you've found the right place. Owned by a British expat, the fries are hand cut and  scattered with sea salt. Do yourself a solid and order the fish and chips here, you won't be sorry.”

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